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Our first priority is helping you take care of yourself and your family. …

Using Technology along with Time-Tested Planning

Making Money - Keeping Money - Giving to the Next Generation

Our educational approach and consultative process are designed to help you feel more confident that you are making better financial decisions that lead to fewer planning gaps (providing you more EFFECTIVE planning) and fewer planning overlaps (providing you more EFFICIENT planning).

Need a Consultation?

Tax planning can sound scary but does not need to be. Let us help you sort through the maze.

Need a Plan Review?

Real Estate planning can be confusing but we are here to walk you through the pitfalls.

Something is Wrong

Most of us know when we are headed down the wrong financial road. Your financial life deserves a second look.

Time for a Second Opinion

When you are faced with decisions about your hard earned money it is imperative to get a second opinion. It does not need to be with the APS™ but be rigorous in your homework.  Ask questions, search for information and above all don’t just trust someone or some company with your life’s net worth.

There are so many different kinds of advisors pitching/helping clients with the topic of “asset protection” and because of this, the advice given can be dramatically different (and many times wrong).  If you look for help from one advisory group (such as practicing attorneys), the advice will likely be dramatically different than another group (such as financial planners).

Wealth Accumulation Needs a Strategy

Assessing your financial life is not a one-time solution. Planning, follow-through, and follow-up are the key.

Wealth planning is about building relationships with advisors you can trust.

Tax Planning

The stock market when it declines can be a major blow to your financial life

Real Estate

Knowing your options & understanding legal tax strategies

Stock Market

Real estate and investment property needs to be properly titled

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